Discovering Opportunities at Google

One of the most exciting opportunities for internships for high school students is offered by Google. As a tech giant, Google runs an internship program called "Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)" specifically designed for high school seniors. This program is designed to empower the next generation of tech innovators, providing them with the tools and resources they need to excel.
The CSSI program offers immersive coding experience that includes development skills, product design, exposure to Google's product teams, and insightful talks by industry professionals. Moreover, Google focuses on providing opportunities to students from underrepresented groups in the tech industry.
This summer internship lasts for three weeks and is completely free, including transportation and living costs. The program is highly competitive, so it's crucial to demonstrate your passion for technology and innovation in your application.

Exploring Internship Possibilities at Microsoft

Another tech titan, Microsoft, offers a high school internship program known as the "High School Internship". The program is open to students in the United States and provides a hands-on experience in the field of technology.
As part of the Microsoft High School Internship, students get the chance to learn from experienced professionals, work on real-world projects, and explore potential career paths in the tech industry.
The internship runs for 10 weeks during the summer and offers a paid experience. Microsoft encourages students with a passion for technology and problem-solving to apply. The company values diversity and inclusivity, so students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Getting Started with IBM's P-TECH Program

IBM, an industry leader in technology and consulting, offers the P-TECH program, a six-year program that partners with public schools and colleges to offer students the chance to earn both a high school diploma and an associate's degree in a tech-related field.
The P-TECH program is designed to open doors for students from diverse backgrounds, offering them the chance to learn about potential careers in the tech industry, gain valuable skills, and make connections with professionals in the field.
While not an internship in the traditional sense, the P-TECH program offers valuable work-based learning experiences, including mentorship, site visits, and paid internships at IBM during the summer.

Diving into Technology with Facebook's Engineer for the Week

Facebook, known for its innovative approach to technology and social media, offers a unique program called "Engineer for the Week". This program is designed to give high school students a taste of what it's like to be an engineer at Facebook.
The Engineer for the Week program involves building a working tech product, learning about the technology that drives Facebook, and interacting with Facebook engineers.
The program is free to participate in and is open to high school students in the United States. Facebook encourages students who are curious about technology and eager to learn to apply.

Unlocking Opportunities with Amazon's Future Engineer Program

Amazon, a global leader in e-commerce and technology, offers the Amazon Future Engineer Program. This comprehensive program is designed to inspire and educate students from underserved communities to try computer science.
The program offers a variety of learning experiences, including online classes, scholarships, internships, and teaching opportunities. It's aimed at students from kindergarten to high school, and offers a progression of courses that build on each other.
High school students who've completed the Advanced Placement Computer Science course can apply for a paid summer internship at Amazon. This is an exciting opportunity to learn from a tech industry leader and gain valuable, hands-on experience.